Perspectiva Educacional, Vol 56, No 1 (2017)

Tamaño de la letra:  Pequeña  Mediana  Grande

The Remix of Culturally relevant pedagogy: pertinence, possibilities, and adaptations for the chilean context.

César Peña Sandoval


In this paper, I explore prior and recent conceptualizations of the culturally responsive approach to teaching, an asocial justice perspective that presents possibilities for the Chilean context. Based on the recent literature, I propose Culturally Relevant Pedagogy 2.0 as a comprehensive framework that can be adapted to diverse local contexts beyond where it was originally developed. After describing the five principles that I consider more pertinent for Chile, I suggest adaptations such as the incorporation of grassroots youth culture and indigenous knowledge. In that vein, this work forms part in a major effort to build a theoretical basis that transcends boundaries but also adds a local perspective on teaching diverse students. My conclusions are intended to inform, inspire and stimulate pre-service and in-service teachers, and teacher educators in favor of quality education for diversity and equity.



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